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     • Helping families through difficult times
     • Experienced on site coordinators
     • Work hand in hand with family members
        and/ or executors
     • Personal yet professional approach
     • Digital photo inventory catalog
     • Prepare and Stage Home for Resale
Estate Services

Homeowner’s today have more space and more possessions than ever before. Downsizing can be a tough process for anyone, but especially for a family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Some of the hardest decisions made in life are those made right after the death of a loved one. At Life’s Many Transitions we try to lighten this burden by assisting the family with the organization and dissemination of non-titled property, the personal contents, of a home. At Life’s Many Transitions we start with the basic steps to de-clutter, craft an action plan and advise the family on the resources available to sell or donate these items.

In this day and age it is not uncommon for families to be separated by many miles, or for the children themselves to be seniors, or maybe it’s a demanding career that makes it difficult to just next to impossible dealing with a home and estate sale. Our personal yet professional approach provide family members with peace of mind knowing that an experienced move manager is coordinating their family affairs with their best interest at heart. Life’s Many Transitions acts as the single point of contact for the family, caregiver or estate executors and with our photo inventory catalog, long distance decision are reached with ease and made with confidence.

Life’s Many Transitions is a company dedicated to assisting family members through this difficult
time by:

                                  · Organizing/De-clutter & Clean Out

                                  · Establishing an Action Plan and Task Schedule

                                  · Photo Inventory

                                  · Oversee Auctions / Estate Sales

                                  · Prepare Donations and Schedule Pick Ups

                                  · Long Distance Shipping of Keepsake items

                                  · Home Repair / Cleaning

                                  · Home Updates / Home Staging (for Quick Sale and Top Dollar)

                                  · Assist Your Realtor with miscellaneous tasks

                                  · Relieve the Stress – Maximize the Return

Contact us today for a free in home consultation:

Life's Many Transitions, Inc. 904 S. Roselle Road #227
Schaumburg, Illinois 60193 • 847.301.9545 • email
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