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Getting Organized

Cleaning and organizing are two completely different activities. Some very clean homes have cluttered areas such as a laundry room or perhaps the garage. How does this happen? Many of us do not like to look at clutter so when we encounter clutter on our cleaning days we will move these items from a visible place to a not so visible place.

Let’s define the term clutter – clutter is not a term for garbage – after all, if it were garbage we would have put it in the trash in the first place. We many times look at an item and for one reason or another can not part with it even if it doesn’t have a place out on display in your home – but maybe someday I’ll use this again – and then it happens – the kitchen “junk drawer” will no longer close – you can’t find your muffin pan because it is buried – you have to move things to start a load of laundry and worst yet the garage is now the home for stuff and your expensive automobile is sitting outside on the driveway. Most experts agree that getting organized is good for your health.

Our Services:

                              • Bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms

                              • Closets and cabinets

                              • Attics, basements, laundry rooms & garages

                              • Desks, drawers & files

                              • Important paperwork and mail

                              • Books, CDs, DVDs

                              • Photos, mementos and treasures

                              • Clean Up & Haul Away

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